How to get BLUR airdrop for NFT traders

How to get BLUR airdrop for NFT traders

How to get BLUR airdrop for NFT traders

Blur is a decentralised NFT marketplace and aggregate tool.

Backed by Paradigm, Blur comes with 0% marketplace fees and an incentivised royalty system.

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  • How to claim BLUR airdrop
  • BLUR airdrop 1
  • BLUR airdrop 2
  • What is Blur (BLUR)?

To celebrate the launch of the platform, Blur will be hosting airdrop events for NFT traders to get a chance at claiming blur’s native BLUR token in early 2023.

How to claim BLUR airdrop

The BLUR airdrop is distributed in care packages to eligible web3 wallets that connect to the Blur platform.

There are uncommon, rare and legendary packages for users to claim depending on their NFT trading history. Eligible users will be able to open their care packages when the token launches in January 2023.

There are currently 2 ways to get the BLUR airdrop. More ways to claim may be added before BLUR’s release.

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BLUR airdrop 1

BLUR’s 1st airdrop is for NFT traders with over 1 ETH in trading volume on Opensea in the last 6 months. Volume on X2Y2, LooksRare and Sudo will also count.

Airdrop 1 must be claimed within 14 days from October 19 2022

  • To get the 1st airdrop connect to Blur with Metamask or WalletConnect.
  • List 1 eligible NFT on Blur
  • Collect your airdrop care package from the ‘Airdrop’ tab

BLUR airdrop 2

For Blur’s 2nd airdrop, from October – November 2022, any number of NFTs you list on Blur will count towards your airdrop amount.

By actively listing NFTs on Blur your Blur loyalty score will rise along with a chance of getting a legendary care package.

Listing blue chip NFTs can help your chances as well as listing collections with active trading volume.

Some NFT collections are not added to Blur yet and therefore cannot be listed. Blur does not support ERC-1155 tokens.

  • Connect to Blur marketplace
  • List as many NFTs that you own
  • Check your loyalty score in the ‘Airdrop’ tab and wait for November

What is Blur (BLUR)?

Blur is a community-owned NFT marketplace and aggregate tool for NFT investors. The platform has zero marketplace fees meaning traders can use the Blur marketplace for free.

The Blur marketplace comes with an incentivised royalty system. On Blur, listed NFTs will by default have the highest royalty percentage when compared to other exchanges (Opensea, LooksRare, X2Y2).

Even if royalties are not enforceable onchain, we can create an incentive structure that increases royalty revenue in the ecosystem.

Blur’s native token, BLUR, is due to launch in January 2023 along with Blur’s governance system.

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