How to Get Blur Airdrop Season 2

How to Get Blur Airdrop Season 2

How to Get Blur Airdrop Season 2

Learn how to claim Blur Airdrop Season 2 and how to maximize your $BLUR token Airdrop.

Recent posts about the Blur airdrop have sent ripples across the crypto world. With 360 million Blur, worth at least $385 million, up for grabs, it’s no wonder many crypto enthusiasts and traders are all over the topic. But what is a Blur airdrop? Does it have any tangible value to its beneficiaries, and is there a formula that explains how to get Blur airdrop? Let’s find out.

What Is Blur Airdrop?


Blur is one of the fastest-growing non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces. The platform was launched in late 2022 to rival OpenSea and runs on the power of its native token, BLUR. BLUR is a standard ERC-20 token that serves as the utility and governance coin on the Blur marketplace. This means when you hold BLUR in your wallet, you have the right to make decisions about the day-to-day running of the Blur platform.

A Blur airdrop is a sort of gifting practice that the Blur marketplace uses to reward loyal platform users or BLUR token holders. When planning the airdrop, the Blur team identifies a group of individuals whose loyalty it wants to reward. For instance, they may want to reward individuals who invested in BLUR in the first months before its launch. They then set reward criteria, mostly a series of qualifications or steps that a user has to meet to get the reward and release the rewards to deserving individuals.

The reward is often an amount of BLUR coins deposited in the user’s wallet. So far, Blur has had two successful airdrops during season 1. Currently, however, the platform is launching Blur airdrop season 2, which will be its third airdrop. Let’s look at the individual airdrops for each season.

What is Blur Season 1?

Blur Season 1 Finale

Blur season one marks the period between Blur’s launch in October 2022 and February 14th, 2023. During this period, the marketplace was in its infancy, with few users and a need for funding. They achieved both and decided to reward those who took a chance on them by offering airdrops one and two. Here’s a breakdown of what each airdrop entailed.

Airdrop One

Airdrop 1

Blur’s first airdrop was launched to thank everyone who traded BLUR six months before the BLUR marketplace officially launched. The traders rewarded during this first airdrop helped generate the funding the Blur project needed to scale its services. For taking the risk, Blur offered them care packages. Care Packages are like digital gift hampers full of BLUR tokens.

Airdrop 2

Blur Token Airdrop 2

In November 2022, Blur launched another airdrop dubbed Airdrop 2. This was still within Season 1, and it rewarded all traders who actively listed NFTs on the Blur marketplace in November. This airdrop was a massive success. Eligible participants received Care Packages with nearly ten times more BLUR tokens than those offered during the airdrop one.

What is Blur Season 2?

Blur Airdrop Season 2 1

Airdrop 3 marked the start of Blur season 2. This airdrop will be the biggest of all Blur airdrops. Airdrop 3 aims to be twice as rewarding as Airdrop 2, and with 360 million BLUR tokens allocated to it, it will likely meet this target.

How to Get Blur Airdrop Season 2

The Airdrop’s three Care Packages will be distributed to traders, Care Package holders, and NFT creators on Blur. To be eligible for the airdrop,

  • Traders will have to bid on NFTs on the Blur platform
  • Creators must have at least one of their NFTs traded on the marketplace.
  • Blur Rolaties and Loyalties are also necessary for traders to get Blur airdrop season two.

What Are Blur Royalties?

Blur royalties are a feature used on the Blur NFT marketplace to provide a space where professional NFT traders can maximize their profits while allowing NFT creators to earn more revenue from royalties. Typically, when a trader buys an NFT, the asset’s creator ought to benefit from subsequent sales, depending on the terms and conditions of the smart contracts used during the sale.

However, enforcing royalties on-chain is rather challenging. Traders get many zero-royalty options, aggregate them on market aggregator tools like Gem, and get a lot of traffic for the NFTs without allocating funds to creators.

To mitigate this, Blur launched its royalties feature. NFT traders on Blur can add royalties to their listed NFT, even on platforms where they initially didn’t adhere to royalties. The least royalty percentage is 0.5, but one can customize this and opt for higher figures.

In return, the trader gets as much profit as possible and a chance to get Blur airdrops that match their royalty percentage—the more royalties the trader lists, the bigger their Care Package. The platform also foresees the creation of a governance forum where all things related to royalties can be discussed to ensure everybody benefits.

What Is Blur Loyalty?

Besides Blur royalties, the platform has another metric that determines how much Blur users get in their care package. This metric is known as “Blur” loyalty. Blur Loyalty is a snapshot of the number of NFT traders listed on Blur compared to OpenSea, X2Y2, and LooksRare. The loyalty program counts multi-listed NFTs as loyalty points as long as the price indicated on Blur is the same as or lower than the price on other marketplaces. Let’s break that down a bit.

  • If you list an NFT at 0.05ETH on Blur and 0.01ETH on OpenSea, your loyalty score drops
  • If you list an NFT at 0.05ETH on Blur and 0.05ETH on OpenSea, your loyalty score rises
  • If you list an NFT at 0.01ETH on Blur and 0.05ETH on OpenSea, your loyalty score rises

It’s important to note that loyalty scores do not increase the number of care packages you can receive during an airdrop. However, the score significantly improves your odds of getting more valuable care packages. Here’s a breakdown of the loyalty scores and how much they impact your luck in receiving a valuable airdrop.

How to Maximize Your Blur Airdrop Season 2

If you want to have the best chances of receiving a high-value airdrop, there are three key factors to consider: a collection’s volume, floor price, and top trait. These three factors are multiplied to generate the listing points that position you on the airdrop leaderboard. The higher your position, the better your odds of receiving high-value care packages. Let’s look at what you need to achieve each key listing factor.

  • Collection Volume: Refers to the total amount of money generated from trading the NFT collection in its entire lifetime. NFTs with high collection volume is considered more valuable. Therefore, a trader gets more points for bidding on it.
  • The collection’s price: The floor price is the highest bid for a certain NFT. A high floor price implies higher value, so bidding on a higher-priced collection adds to a trader’s scorecard.
  • Top Trait: Top trait refers to how close your listing is to the floor price. When your listing is closer to the floor price, it means fewer people are standing in the way of you getting the NFT. This means your bid is highly valuable, so your listing points rise.

Besides using these factors, you can also improve your listing points by applying the following strategies.

  • Listing more bluechip NFTs. These are NFTs that are more stable and profitable in the long term.
  • Having more active collections in your listing
  • Using Blur’s listing tools to better understand an NFTs floor price, its ladder list, and trait floor price.
  • Also, avoid re-listing NFTs or bidding them at ridiculously high prices because the system detects this and lowers your points.

More Returns with Blur Airdrops

BLUR’s value rises steadily as more people become aware of the platform and its offerings. This means buying single BLUR tokens gets more costly by the day. However, qualifying for an airdrop provides a quicker and easier way to get the tokens at a lower price. Blur airdrops reward participants with generous amounts of BLUR, making them a worthy investment.


Are Blur Airdrops legit?

Yes, Blur airdrops are legitimate. This marketplace has held three successful airdrops, where beneficiaries receive generous amounts of the BLUR token based on the selection criteria for each airdrop. However, some fraudsters may circulate false links to the airdrop or make fake promises and link them to Blur airdrops. To avoid this, always verify that you use links directly from Blur’s social media pages.

Is a Blur Airdrop profitable?

Blur airdrops are highly profitable. For each airdrop edition, the platform has significantly increased the rewards that come with each care package. As a result, beneficiaries receive more blur, and the token’s value rises because interested parties are investing heavily in the platform.

Do I need to spend money to get a Blur Airdrop?

Yes, you do, but you are not directly spending it on Blur. You will be spending it on investments inside the platform. These investments depend on the criteria for airdrop qualification. However, they may include trading BLUR, adding a new collection to Blur’s marketplace, or listing an NFT collection. Whichever way you spend your money, you can always redeem it by trading the acquired assets or flipping NFTs.

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