Top 10 Android and iOS Apps to Blur Your Face

Top 10 Apps to Blur Your Face in Video and Photos on Android and iOS

When you record videos, especially in public like parties, restaurants where many people gather around, it’s inevitable to capture others’ faces to your footage. Sometimes, while posting videos online, you don’t want to violate others’ privacy or just want to remain yourself. Then, it would be best if you blurred people’s faces before sharing.

Plenty of Android and iOS apps enable you to blur the face or pixelate anything in your videos and photos. While it takes time to find the best one. Now we will take you through the 10 best apps to blur faces on your Android and iOS devices.

Top 10 Android and iOS Apps to Blur Your Face

1.Video Mosaic App

This app lets iPhone users blur something when recording videos or apply the blur effect to recorded videos. When it comes to blurring, it provides several available options for you to choose from. You can blur the entire video or obscure any part of the video frame or get only faces blurred. Moreover, you can decide the shapes for blurring such as hearts, abstract and geometric shapes.


Easy to use
Blur the video with particular shapes


Users need to make an in-app purchase to get rid of ads

Apps to Blur Your Face – Video Mosaic App


Compatibility: iOS and Android

KineMaster is a powerful tool designed for iOS and Android users to blur faces with just a finger touch. It has credible features to level up videos like multiple video layering, chroma key function, voiceover, transition effects and many more. If you need a multi-functional blur effect video editor, KineMaster is a nice choice for you.


Available for iOS and Android users
Featured with various basic editing tools


It requires an in-app purchase to unlock all features

Apps to Blur Your Face – KineMaster


Skitch is a popular blur face editor that has been around for quite some time. It’s the perfect tool to edit photos as it enables you to add text, stickers, emojis

It supports instant sharing for social media
It features pixelate functions and other editing tools


Limited options for fonts
Only workable for blurring images

Apps to Blur Your Face – Skitch

4.Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo

Android users can utilize the Mosaic, Pixelate or Color option of this app to blur faces in their photos. To obscure photos, you just need to designate the desired area and the app will automatically do the rest for you. Apart from this, if you want to make minimal changes, you can turn to the in-built editing tools for help.


User-friendly interface
Support using Mosaic, Pixelate and Color to blur images


Few photo editing options
Unavailable for a moving video

Apps to Blur Your Face – Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo


Compatibility: iOS and Android

Snapspeed is a photo-editing application developed by Google to help iOS and Android users blur faces or objects in their photos&videos. Besides, it’s also competent for photo enhancement and accessible to filter your footage. If you’d like pleasing editing without advertisement disturbing, this app is what you’re looking for.


No ads to distract your attention
Support photo enhancement, filter and editing functions


It’s a little complicated for beginners

Apps to Blur Your Face – Snapspeed

6.Blur Video and Image

When you search for face blurring apps on Google Play, it’s easy to find high-rating software to deal with your image problems. However, it takes your time to find an app that blurs photos and videos simultaneously. Under such circumstances, we recommend Blur Video and Image to you.

It allows you to apply the blur effect to media captured by the camera or directly imported from your local library. Besides, you can define multiple areas to blur in a single photo or video. For additional adjustments, you can decide the borders of the blur and change the intensity of the blur effect.


Provide an adjustable blur effect
It works for photo and video blurring on Android


It contains ads and requires an extra payment to get full features

Apps to Blur Your Face – Blur Video and Image

7.Video Toolbox Movie Maker

This iOS-based editing app assists you in blurring out unwanted objects from videos quickly. With all the basic tools needed, you’re able to add transitions and filter the recorded video with a finger touch. Using the green screen feature to combine videos is also available. Despite a robust number of editing options, it only deals with static videos. In other words, if you handle a video with many movements, you need to look around.


30+ transitions and 20+ filters
It provides a large number of editing features


It only blurs static videos

Apps to Blur Your Face – Video Toolbox Movie Maker

8.Blur & Mosaic

Blur & Mosaic is a great app that helps you create a pixelated mosaic effect in videos. Its several mosaic effects, it allows you to obscure an area of the video at your disposal. If you want to control the amount of the blurring effect, this app also provides four different thickness and strength options.


Multiple mosaic options
You can choose the strength and thickness of the blur effect


It contains ads

Apps to Blur Your Face – Blur & Mosaic


MovStash is designed for making blurred or mosaic videos. You can choose from 4 types of effects to blur videos where you can decide either to blur a specified area of all duration of the video or a specified area in a specified time range of the video. If you don’t require professional editing, MovStash is the best option for you.


4 types of blurring effects to choose
You can make a blurred video in Timeline or Simple mode


You can’t make any editing options using this app

Apps to Blur Your Face – MovStash

10.Point Blur

With Point Blur, you can easily apply the blur effect to your photos. Here you can feel free to decide whether blur the whole photo or blur any unwanted part from your footage. If you want to create a background blur effect, you can apply the shadow focus in your photos. Besides, it provides instant sharing to social media after editing without privacy worrying.


Freely share to social media
Able to give you a background blur effect


Only blur faces in a photo

Apps to Blur Your Face – Point Blur

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The Bottom Line In a nutshell, obscuring videos and photos is easy if you have a blur face editor. This article introduces 10 top apps to blur your face on Android and iOS. You can pick your favorite one according to the actual needs. By the way, if you need to blur unwanted parts online, turn to FlexClip for help. Now it’s your turn!

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