The Printer and Copier Leader – Copiers | Printers | Ink | Toner | Repair from DEX Imaging

The Printer and Copier Leader – Copiers | Printers | Ink | Toner | Repair from DEX Imaging

DEX Imaging better document technology

With so many choices for printers and copiers for your office, why choose DEX?

The nation’s largest independent provider of office technology with a local touch.



The Nation’s Largest

We’re the largest independent office equipment dealer in the United States, and we use our combined buying power to save you money.

A Local Touch

We maintain local offices in each market we serve, which allows us to keep replacement parts nearby and service close at hand.

Committed to the Community

Our business was formed with the proposition that we return 1/3 of our profits to charities, education and sports initiatives that improve the quality of life in our local communities.

More Than Hardware

Far more than office equipment, we specialize in streamlining your entire document infrastructure and optimizing the flow of information in your business with better technology.

Why DEX Imaging?

Quite simply, we help businesses do business better.

Yes, we provide copiers, printers, MFPs and office equipment to companies throughout the United States, and that has made us the nation’s largest independent dealer of brands such as Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Canon and HP. But we’re also leading developers of office technologies moving our customers further into the cutting-edge worlds of mobile, digital and cloud document management. We develop our own management software and hardware, providing industry-leading solutions from our own in-house R&D lab. And we’re committed to protecting the environment, going so far as to manufacture our own toner cartridges in-house in environmentally-friendly ways.
But most importantly, we’ve built our company on the proposition that we donate a full 1/3 of our profits to charities, educational initiatives and sports programs that truly enhance the lives of people in the communities we serve.
So take a look at DEX Imaging and you might be surprised at the depth and quality of the company and services we provide.

The DEX Declaration

Service guaranteed within 4 hours or less!

We Return 1/3 of Profits

Unlike others, we support the communities we serve by donating a full one-third of our profits to charity.

Top Technology

From cloud, mobile and IT to the most efficient and sustainable office equipment, to the latest digital document management, we provide the best office technology available.

Our Featured Products

As an independent dealer we’re free to choose the best printers, copiers and software from the world’s top manufacturers of document and imaging equipment. Here are a few of our selections.

Read More HP Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E87650z Read More HP LaserJet Enterprise M555DN Read More HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M634Z Read More bizhub 5020i Read More HP LaserJet Managed MFP E72525dn Read More ECOSYS M3645idn

DEX Imaging Insights

Inside information to help you do business better from our industry-leading DEXperts


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