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Real-time RSS

Stories are pushed directly to you, so you can read news as it comes in

Original Site

Read the content in context, the way it was meant to be seen

Shared Stories

Reading news is better with friends. Share stories on your public blurblog

Hide the stories you don’t like and highlight the stories you do

Full Text Search

Quickly find stories across all of your subscriptions

Story Tagging

Save stories with custom tags for fast references

Blurblog Privacy

Share stories with the world or only with your friends

Third-party Apps

Supports Reeder, ReadKit, Unread, and loads more

Saved Searches

Regularly used searches are conveniently given their own feeds

First-class iOS App

The NewsBlur iOS app is free and is jam-packed with features

Read the Full Story

The original story from truncated RSS feeds is seamlessly expanded

First-class Android App

The NewsBlur Android app is free and has it all

Track Changes

See how a story evolved since it was first published

IFTTT Support

Hook NewsBlur up to nearly every service on the web

Email Newsletters

Read your email newsletters where they belong, in a news reader

Grid, List, Split

Every site has its own story layout, so you can mix and match

Easy on the eyes and built into the web, iOS, and Android

Twitter & YouTube

Even sites that don’t publish RSS feeds can be followed


NewsBlur is free on the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android. By subscribing to a
premium account, you support a growing service and unlock a few restrictions.

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