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Provider Resource Center Reference Guide

Never used the Provider Resource Center or need to brush-up on the PRC functionality? Review the Provider Resource Center Reference Guide to help as you navigate around.

Not Registered for the Provider Resource Center?

The PRC is for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont contracted providers only – access will be denied if you are not contracted with us. Review the following and click on the register now link, if applicable.

If you are a billing service, contact the practice Local Administrator to be granted access to the Provider Resource Center. Your registration request will be denied as access must be granted through the practice Local Administrator. The role of “Local Administrator” is automatically assigned to the first individual registering for the practice. When the Local Administrator adds users, the email is sent to the Local Administrator with the new user’s temporary sign on. The Local Administrator must coordinate sign on information with the new user.

If you are the first individual registering for your practice/office you will be assigned the role “Local Administrator.” This means, you will have access to:

  • All standard features of the Provider Resource Center (same access as a “user”)
  • The System Administrator feature for setting up and overseeing all other users of the registered practice/office (restricted access for Local Administrators only)

Typically, the “Local Administrator” is assigned to the office manager of the practice/office. However, local administrator rights can be assigned to more than one person at the practice/office.

Access is not immediate. Please allow up to three business days for your request to be reviewed. An email will be sent to the address provided during registration when your request is processed.

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