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Build a culture of learning, engagement and inclusion with professional development training.

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Learning in the flow of work.

Deliver ongoing professional development training to your people, wherever they are. Flexible integration options allow you to turn your LMS, intranet, collaboration software and social channels into the dynamic learning destinations your people crave.

Blue Ocean Brain has been the sole and most critical provider of all of our soft skills training to our team. We can now deliver learning to any learner regardless of where they are in the world or in their career.

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We love our Blue Ocean Brain partnership! The bite-sized learning that can be tailored for our needs and goals has been a great supplement to our leadership development and manager coaching. It’s not unusual for team members to share articles with one another or our customers and to hear a “buzz” around the office about this week’s Blue Ocean Brain content. The team is incredibly responsive and supportive of our goals.

Kristin Zummo

Vice President, Learning & Development at

I can’t overstate the importance of our relationship with Blue Ocean Brain. The platform has given our employees access to limitless Learning & Development resources, and we consistently receive extremely positive feedback about all of the content.

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Trusted by leading brands.

Launch your talent and culture initiatives. Swiftly.

Deliver the ongoing learning your people need now in a way that works for them. With push learning tactics and modern, relevant content, Blue Ocean Brain learners achieve a 71% engagement rate.

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A Blue Ocean Brain Lesson: Creating Your Own Growth Mindset Playbook

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Learning with Blue Ocean Brain makes a real impact

Higher Traction

90% of learners prefer Blue Ocean Brain over any other tool within their organization.

Real Results

86% of learners report better decision-making after learning with Blue Ocean Brain.

Major Impact

92% of our microlearning clients choose to partner with us year after year.

Awards & Accolades

Meet Blue Ocean Brain

What makes Blue Ocean Brain microlearning so powerful and yet so easy to deploy? Find out in this video.


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