Polar – Your Shopify Analytics. Effortless. Centralized. Smart

eCommerce sucess

The single source of truth for your decisions

All your data in one place

Connect multiple stores, Shopify Markets, and over 45 data sources — creating a customizable and centralized source of information.

No engineering required

Just a click and your data is seamlessly flowing into Polar’s ready-made dashboard and templates, simplifying your data management process

Enterprise-grade data warehousing
Instantly and reliably sync all your data sources without investing in costly and risky IT projects

No fluff. See the platform in action.

Test drive the app

Track and analyze what matters in minutes

We’ve designed out-of-the-box metrics and reports to ensure your team has the insights they need to get their jobs done.

Customer acquisition

Optimise marketing with blended CAC and ROAS, and advanced attribution with the Polar Pixel.


Find your best-performing products, variants and product types.

Retention and LTV

Understand the cohorts and behaviours that correlate with increased retention and LTV.


Calculate contribution margin at the business, product or campaign level.

Creative Studio

Calculate contribution margin at the business, product or campaign level.

For multi-store, multi-channel brands

Multiple stores, brands, channels in one filterable dashboard.

For Agencies

All your clients’ data in one place.

Take your analysis beyond standard reports without extra work

Tailor your data with customizable building blocks.

Custom Reports & Charts

Slice and filter any metric by any dimension. Produce tables, charts or CSV extracts.


Isolate key segments of your data by brand, store, region, sales channel or anything you can imagine.

Custom Metrics

Define reusable formulas if Polar’s 200+ ready-made metrics are not enough

Custom Dimensions

Simplify and rename data by remapping it with when/then conditions

Put your data to work to drive profits

Activate your data in less than 5 minutes.

Supercharge your ads with first-party data

Send conversions back to ad platforms to improve targeting and increase your ROAS by 20% using the Polar Pixel.

Set up alerts to never miss anything

Receive alerts by Slack or Email if metrics cross thresholds or move by large amounts. Understand why with a root-cause analysis.

Schedule custom reports in your inbox

Keep your team or your clients up-to-date by pushing reports to their email or slack on a regular cycle.

Over 100 5-star reviews

Tiege Hanley

Great app, great team! The dashboards are easy to customize to highlight our most important KPIs. Building custom reports is really easy, and our Marketing team logs in daily to analyze campaign performance. The service and support have been A+. They instantly became a critical part of our Data and Marketing tech stack.

Sep 29, 2023
Water and Wines

The Polar Analytics app has been an invaluable tool for optimizing our reporting. We have 5 Shopify + 1 Amazon store. But what really sets it apart is the exceptional support and onboarding team. They go above and beyond to help you make the most of the app and accommodate any business needs.

Whether you’re looking to step up your reporting visuals or need in-depth analytics for your business, I highly recommend Polar Analytics.

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