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Here are 841 public repositories matching this topic.

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bagisto / bagisto

Free and open source laravel eCommerce platform

  • Updated Feb 13, 2024
  • PHP

fingerchar / fingernft

  • Updated Nov 15, 2022
  • CSS

kodadot / nft-gallery

Polkadot NFT marketplace

  • Updated Feb 13, 2024
  • Vue

yessGlory17 / nft-marketplace

Reactjs And Smart Contracts Open Source Basic Nft Marketplace App

  • Updated Nov 1, 2023
  • CSS

devpavan04 / cryptoboys-nft-marketplace

An NFT marketplace where users can mint ERC721 implemented Crypto Boy NFTs 🖼️

  • Updated Sep 2, 2022
  • JavaScript

Quillhash / NFT-Attack-Vectors

This Repository contains list of Common NFT Attack Vectors. If you find any attack vectors missing, you can create a pull request and be a contributor of the project.

  • Updated Feb 7, 2024

0xigami / wordpress-nft-plugin

NFT Auction Product Type WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce – BID HAUS

  • Updated Nov 7, 2021
  • JavaScript

rgab1508 / OpenStore

OpenStore is an NFT store built on Polygon Blockchain (Mumbai Testnet)

  • Updated Oct 1, 2022
  • JavaScript

ikcoin / Polygon-NFT-marketplace

An NFT Marketplace React dApp prototype on the Polygon blockchain with basic functionalities such as acquire and mint NFTs using ERC721 Smart Contract and Interplanetary File System IPFS.

  • Updated May 9, 2022
  • TypeScript

0xigami / artdothaus

ART HAUS is an artist residency for the metaverse where NFT collectors can become keyholders and unlock privileged access to members-only exclusives. Our team is a collective of insanely passionate collectors, creators, and developers. But most importantly, we are curators.

  • Updated Aug 30, 2021

ashleshsortee / festival-marketplace

An end-to-end blockchain based NFT platform for festival ticket booking and ticket reselling between trustless parties.

  • Updated Mar 10, 2021
  • JavaScript

Zeeshanahmad4 / OpenSea-mass-offer-bidding-bot

This repository contains two bots for making bulk offers on NFT collections: one using browser automation and the other utilizing the OpenSea APIs.

  • Updated Jun 9, 2023

cryptochou / blur-analysis

  • Updated Jul 6, 2023
  • Solidity

tqtezos / minter-sdk

A set of tools and libraries to bring creation, management, and sales of NFTs to any application.

  • Updated Feb 10, 2023
  • Haskell

rumble-kong-league / marketplace

ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT Marketplace

  • Updated Jan 31, 2022
  • Solidity

aws-samples / simple-nft-marketplace

This project provides sample codes to build a simple NFT marketplace with Amazon Managed Blockchain.

  • Updated Jan 10, 2024
  • TypeScript

thirdweb-example / marketplace-v3

Create your own NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs!

  • Updated Dec 31, 2023
  • TypeScript

ervikassingh / nft-market

A marketplace where one can sell or buy NFTs using (ETH / BNB) coin or (ETK) token. Implements ERC20 and ERC721 token standards for Token and NFTs respectively. Openzeppelin open source library for ERC20 and ERC721 is used as the base code for our contracts.

  • Updated Aug 24, 2022
  • Solidity

MonsieurZbanowanYY / NFT-Marketplace-App-UI-Flutter

NFT Marketplace App UI with support for dark mode. Created by Martin Gogołowicz under 6 hours.

  • Updated Jan 14, 2022
  • Dart

devmuhib / React-NFT-Website

NFT marketplace website using react.js and reactstrap

  • Updated May 26, 2022
  • JavaScript

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