Messenger Blur: login

Messenger Blur: login

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Интернет-магазин Chrome

Чтобы добавить приложение или расширение на рабочий стол, войдите в Chrome и включите синхронизацию либо отправьте себе напоминание.

Пользователей: 9 000+
Blur any element text, image, input or paragraphs with single click.

🔒 – Protect Your Sensitive Data on the Web Instantly! 🔒 Whether you’re recording, screen sharing, or presenting online, ensures your sensitive information remains private. No editing required! 🎥✨ Easily blur text, paragraphs, images, inputs, or any selected elements with just one click. Now featuring a new ‘Keep Blur’ function that maintains your blur settings even after a reload. 🔄 🌟 Key Features 🌟 💨 Single Click Blur: Effortlessly blur headings, paragraphs, images, or videos with just one click. 🖍️ Blur Area: Draw a rectangle anywhere on the page, and we’ll blur it while keeping it in place. 🔄 Keep Blur: Click ‘Keep Blur’ before applying any blurs to maintain them after reloading or revisiting the URL. 🔧 Customizable: Control blur intensity, clear all blurs with a click, and even blur selected text. Plus, hide tab titles & icons for added privacy. 🔥 Use Cases 🔥 📺 Content creators: Protect sensitive information while live streaming or recording. 🏢 Agency owners: Share client projects securely during presentations or demos. 👩‍🏫 Teachers: Keep students’ personal information confidential during online classes. 💼 Professionals: Safeguard sensitive company data during remote meetings. 🛍️ Online shoppers: Conceal personal details while sharing screens for shopping assistance. 🎮 Gamers: Hide private in-game chats or messages while live streaming. ✅ Pros Easy to use: Simply click to blur any element on the page. Customizable: Adjust blur intensity, hide tab titles & icons. Versatile: Suitable for various professional and personal use cases. ❌ Cons Requires a license: Visit to purchase your license. Limited compatibility: May not work with certain websites or web elements. 🛍️ Frequently Bought Together 🛍️ Blur anything on your screen. One-click worry-free screen sharing. Join 5000+ content creators, agency owners, teachers, and more who already trust for their privacy needs. Visit to grab your license today! 🚀 🎉 Enjoy a more secure and private browsing experience with! 🎉

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