Instem – Solutions

Instem – Solutions

For more than 700 clients, Instem powers the processes that lead to safer, more effective healthcare solutions.

Converting Information into Insight, Instem proudly offers solutions and services that help client research and development teams enhance and improve life.

Study Management

Software that empowers organizations to more efficiently collect, review, manage and report Discovery, Preclinical and Early Phase Clinical data.

Leading edge software for capturing and analyzing data in the laboratory that can easily be shared across scientific teams.

BioRails® – A comprehensive system for workflow-driven data management

Morphit™ – Providing unique abilities for reading, managing and visualizing data from instruments and transforming raw data into validated results

BioHub™ – A single centralized location for storage and seamless access to all corporate research data

Complete collection, management and reporting of safety evaluation study data in both GLP & Non-GLP environments.

Provantis® Suite – The #1 on-line or on-premise toxicology study management software suite designed for single users to global multi-site organizations

Logbook™ – Helping clients to replace paper forms across the laboratory resulting in reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and improved compliance

TRP™ – Toxicology Resourcing Planning software that helps clients better plan and manage studies and programs, allocate resources, benchmark against past studies and plan workloads for the future

GeneTox Suite – Image analysis and data management solutions helping users simplify the process of acquiring, managing and reporting genetic toxicology assay data

NOTOCORD-hem™ – The leading telemetry-based safety pharmacology software platform for the seamless acquisition, display and analysis of physiological signals

Regulatory Solutions

Software, outsourced services, and consultancy for managing, storing, sharing and submitting and maintaining information compliant with FDA, EMA and other agency regulations.

Preclinical SEND
Solutions and services that enables more efficient review of data, offering improved data quality, accessibility and predictability while helping clients generate value beyond compliance.

Submit™ – Software for SEND dataset creation and version controlled file storage

SENDView™ – Enabling simplified data review and quality control

SEND Services – Outsourced study services, consulting and training

Clinical Trial Transparency
Anonymization Services and software to meet EMA Policy 0070 and Health Canada public release of clinical information and support industry and internal sharing initiatives.

De-identification Services – On-demand outsourced transformation services designed to measure risk, anonymize data and documents and meet strict regulatory sharing deadlines

Blur™ – The leading transparency software that automates anonymization of both documents and data through Natural Language Programming

Transparency Strategy – Consultancy and education that improve sharing processes for clients including global regulation education, disclosure defense, S.O.P development and training

Clinical Trial Analytics Solutions

Strategy, services and software to empower clinical innovation, create automation, enable open source and public cloud within biometrics, data science and clinical submissions.

Accel™ – Cloud-based Statistical Computing Environment pre-loaded tools, applications & licenses for efficient statistical programming. Offers a validated connection between sponsors and CROS when sharing data, programs and analysis results

Aspire™ – Modular clinical analysis framework that accelerates modernizations through non-proprietary code, applications and back-end services within the public cloud

Analytics Strategy – Proven strategic consulting that delivers actionable plans for R&D IT, biostats, data science and product development teams.

Analytics Services – Tailored enterprise services to build, customize or configure a fit-for-purpose clinical analysis system; integrating valued client legacy solutions and workflows with modern tools and practices, including the public cloud, to accelerate insight, analysis and submission.

In Silico Solutions

Enabling researchers to generate new scientific insights through the identification, extraction and analysis of actionable information.

Target Safety Assessment
Setting new standards in biological target profiling by helping organizations gather information about their targets during program development, find patterns in their research data, and put their own results into a broader scientific context to predict likely outcomes.

KnowledgeScan™ – A technology enabled, informatics-based service to generate critical insights from immense and disparate scientific and medical ‘big data’

KnowledgeScan Core Data TSA – Enabling clients to undertake their own data interpretation and risk assessment to make informed, evidenced based decisions in accelerated timeframes

S1B Carcinogenicity Weight of Evidence Assessments

Advance™ – A technology-enabled approach for assessing carcinogenicity based on the ICH S1B WoE Addendum.

Computational Toxicology
Advanced informatics and prediction technologies and services that help unlock valuable knowledge contained in both public and proprietary sources of research data. Originally developed by Leadscope and now part of Instem, these solutions accelerate drug discovery and development processes.

Leadscope Model Applier® – Software to help clients perform expert reviews to help enable fast, accurate, defendable, and regulatory accepted predictions

Predict™ – Outsourced service building on the power of world-leading computational models and databases combined with expert scientific review delivering unbiased assessment of chemical safety

Genetic Toxicology (Q)SARs – Complete solutions for the computational assessment of genetic toxicity, including statistical-based and expert rule-based models

Toxicity Databases – Enabling clients to access over 500,000 studies for over 200,000 chemicals covering genetic toxicity, cancer, reproductive/developmental toxicity, acute and chronic toxicity, sensitization, irritation/corrosion and many other endpoints

Consulting Program – This program supports independent consultants who wish to supply computational toxicology model results to their clients

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