How I Made Over $6,000 Passively Farming Blur Season 2 | by William Zhang | Medium

How I Made Over $6,000 Passively Farming Blur Season 2

After over a year of crypto winter, I have crawled back into the web 3.0 space for one sole purpose — Blur’s season 2 finale. For those of you who have no clue what Blur is, I would suggest you read my second article here.

8 months ago, I advised traders to double down on their Blur farming for the speculated airdrop reward of $BLUR, one of the key strategies employed by the aggregator to attract and retain users on its platform. These campaigns are a form of marketing where small amounts of the platform’s native utility token, $BLUR, are distributed to active members of the blockchain community. The primary objective of such airdrops is to enhance the awareness and circulation of the new token, thereby bolstering the platform’s user base and activity levels.

The Background

The $BLUR token, which is Ethereum-based, plays a crucial role in enabling sales and transactions on the Blur marketplace. In February, Blur announced their Season 1 airdrop of approximately $360 million worth of $BLUR tokens to its loyal users. The tokens for this airdrop were allocated to traders and users — in the form of loot boxes — who engaged in activities like buying and selling on the platform.

Yesterday, Blur concluded its Season 2 Airdrop campaign and simultaneously launched its third Season. Season 2 allowed traders on Blur to accumulate $BLUR tokens through various activities such as listing, bidding, and lending against NFTs, with added rewards for engaging with high-value collections. At the end of Season 2, there were 300 million $BLUR tokens available for claim

Disclaimer: I had only farmed for half of the season — the effects of crypto winter as well as external circumstances pushed my capital elsewhere, and so my rewards for Season 2 are accounting for around less than 5 months of farming.

Now with that being said, how much is this Worth? Well, at the time of writing, $BLUR is currently trading at $0.367 USD, or exactly $0.50 CAD. Now with some simple calculations, 13661 $BLUR x $0.50 CAD = ~$6,831.

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