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Data Exchange

Follow the step-by-step guide to get set up on the Data Exchange.

Data Exchange Protocols

Main operational manual for users of the Data Exchange.

Community Outcomes (SCORE) Fact Sheet

This fact sheet discusses what community SCORE is and the importance of recording Community SCORE.

Digital Identity and RAM Frequently Asked Questions

This task card discusses frequently asked questions when accessing the Data Exchange through RAM with your Digital Identity.

Recording alternate forms of service delivery

This fact sheet provides information to assist organisations on how to record telephone, virtual or remote service delivery in the Data Exchange.

Data Exchange System User Access Request Form

For organisational staff to apply for access to the Data Exchange.

Data Exchange statistics

The Data Exchange represents the Department of Social Services new approach to grants program reporting.

3,067 Organisations currently registered

6 Agencies use it as a reporting tool

15,990 Users currently registered

75 Programs reported on

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