BlurScreen – Hides sensitive information on screen

BlurScreen – Hides sensitive information on screen

Don’t Let Anyone Peek at Your Private Stuff

Instantly blur sensitive data on your screen while recording or screen sharing – no post-editing needed.

Blur Anything Anywhere in seconds

launch with simple shortcut, draw a rectangle and press esc and you are done.

Just Draw a Rectangle

Draw blur rectangle anywhere on screen and hide sensitive info instantly. Want to hide email while screen sharing in apple mail? Or want to hide the browser url? with a single click you can do that with

Shortcuts & Controls

Just press the shortcut keys and star blurring the screen or remove it all. You can also customize the shortcut keys as per your liking.

Get started as easy as 1, 2, 3

start using in under 5 minutes!

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Install App

Download and Install blurscreen app based on your operating system

2. Enter Licensekey

Grab one license and after install just enter license key with email.

3. Start Using

That’s all start using BlurScreen App App. Hide stuff anywhere on screen

BlurScreen App Pricing

Have a peace of mind when screen sharing and save time from post production video editing.

Monthly Yearly

Save 2 months by paying yearly.


Billed $ 24 /year

Subscribe BlurScreen App Yearly

What’s included


Billed $ 47 /year

Subscribe BlurScreen App Yearly

What’s included


Billed $ 97 /year

Subscribe BlurScreen App Monthly

What’s included

What our customers are saying

Rated 4.9 /5 based on 20 customer reviews.

I needed to be able to hide the email addresses and the students names. And I found and and it was amazing. I can’t believe it’s so reasonably priced and easy to use. So if you need to blur out some of your screen or things that you’re working on, this is the app for you. Believe me.

Kathy Sanders

It’s crazy that such an important little utensil didn’t see the light of day sooner, now that I have it (coupled with the extension) I can’t do without it, I take screencasts every day, whether it’s describing bugs or doing a tutorial and it’s reassuring to be able to blur certain parts of what is displayed, and what it is even more, is that Sanskar, its developer, takes care of its customers, so go ahead and buy this app if your privacy is important to you!

Ludovic S. Clain

Simple And Fast to use, In a nutshell what this simple app does (it lives in your Mac launchbar) is to allow you to blur out any area of your screen that might contain information you do not wish to share. It is the best I’ve found at doing what it does, and if you have this need than I would highly recommend it.

Quick and easy to use, this affordable and simple app is an essential tool for anyone who shares content using screenshots or videos of their screen containing sensitive information and/or identifiable faces or places. Sanskar responds quickly to queries and is very helpful. Highly recommended.

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