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What is Blur Marketplace?

Blur is a professional NFT trading platform built for serious traders and collectors. It aggregates NFT listings from OpenSea, LooksRare and its own marketplace. Blur provides tools like collection sweeping, real-time pricing data, bidding transparency and quick swapping to help traders make informed decisions. With zero trading fees and customizable royalties, Blur offers a trader-friendly experience.

Who is Blur designed for?

Blur targets professional NFT traders and collectors rather than casual hobbyists. The minimalist interface cuts out the clutter to spotlight top collections and relevant stats. Blur’s high-speed swapping, bidding system and transparency around demand make it ideal for high-volume traders looking to capitalize on market opportunities.

What can you do on Blur?

Blur offers NFT traders and collectors a robust set of features to optimize their trading strategy. Users can sweep entire collections in bulk with adjustable filters to target specific traits, rarities, or price ranges. The platform provides transparency into bid history and volume across collections to glean pricing insights before buying or selling. Listings can also be filtered by attributes like accessories, species, or color to find the perfect NFTs for your collection.

Once you’re ready to trade, Blur makes it easy to list your NFTs for sale simultaneously across multiple platforms like OpenSea and LooksRare. Blur also includes real-time warnings if an NFT is flagged for review on OpenSea. For traders looking to snipe fresh opportunities, the platform enables sweeping as little as 1% of a collection at a time. With this expansive toolkit, Blur gives pros the power to efficiently navigate the NFT markets.

Pros and Cons of Blur Marketplace

  • Zero platform fees for buyers and sellers
  • Collection sweeps up to 10x faster than competitors
  • Bid history provides transparency around real demand
  • Cross-list NFTs across multiple platforms
  • Rarity scores help identify valuable NFT traits
  • Lightning-fast swapping engine
  • Limited to Ethereum network currently
  • Less beginner-friendly than OpenSea
  • No sitewide price floor search
  • Still building mobile app, desktop only for now

Blur Marketplace: BLUR Token

The BLUR token is native to the Blur NFT marketplace and serves multiple purposes. BLUR has a total supply of 3 billion tokens that are distributed on a vesting schedule over 4–5 years. Of the total supply, 51% goes to the Blur community treasury to fund initiatives like airdrops that reward participation. Another 29% goes to past and future core contributors, 19% to investors, and 1% to advisors.

In terms of distribution, 39% of BLUR will be awarded through contributor grants, community incentives, and airdrop programs. An additional 10% has been allocated to the next round of incentive releases.

BLUR provides utility by enabling holders to vote on future changes as part of Blur’s decentralized governance model. The token can also be staked in the future to earn a share of revenues generated on the platform. BLUR is currently trading on major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. The token has since settled around a price of $0.17 with a market cap of $165 million.

By aligning incentives through crypto rewards and governance, the BLUR token is key to Blur’s growth. As the marketplace gains traction, BLUR’s value and utility have significant room to appreciate. Blur leverages tokenomics to build network effects and user ownership.

Blue Ninja’s Review of Blur Marketplace

As an avid NFT trader, I’m blown away by the real-time pricing transparency and speedy interface offered by Blur. The collection sweeps with adjustable filters are game-changing and far faster than on any other platform I’ve tried.

The real-time updates on floor prices, bid history, and rarity rankings enable me to make informed buying and selling decisions on the fly. I can check in anytime to monitor movements across top collections.

Seeing up-to-the-second bid data gives me confidence I’m getting optimal value. Cross-listing across multiple markets is smooth and seamless as well.

While the interface caters heavily to pros currently, I expect Blur to become my go-to hub for tracking and trading NFTs as they expand device support and collection offerings. The real-time insights and transparency make Blur an essential part of my trading toolkit. This is the future of efficient NFT markets.

Blur Marketplace: Looking Forward

Blur has already flipped OpenSea in volume by focusing squarely on serving pro NFT traders. As they introduce more features like an iOS app, broader collection support, and new tools informed by the community, Blur is poised to become the leading NFT marketplace.

The team has proven extremely responsive to user feedback so far. With plans to decentralize further, handing more governance to the community, Blur’s best days are still ahead. For NFT traders, this platform provides the perfect toolbox to gain an edge. The transparency and efficiency reflect the ethos of Web3.

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