Blur Coin Under Fire As Allegations Of Wash Trading Emerge

Blur Coin Under Fire As Allegations Of Wash Trading Emerge

Blur Under Fire For Wash Trading Allegation; Will This Trigger Drop In Blur Coin Price?

The newly emerging NFT marketplace Blur has been accused of engaging in wash trade, which has further affected the Blur coin’s price.

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March 2, 2023

OpenSea has been the leading platform for content creators and traders alike since the NFT boom of 2021. However, the company’s monopoly is currently being challenged by Blur, a new entrant to the market. With zero fees and a native token, BLUR coin, that can be acquired through NFT trading, the new NFT marketplace has entered the crypto market with a bang.

Blur Performing Wash Trades?

Blur’s novel approach to the NFT market resulted in $460 million more in NFT sales in just one week following the native token launch, allowing it to exceed the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea in trading volume. Notwithstanding the NFT industry’s doldrums due to the prolonged bad market, this has stoked the interest of the crypto community.


However, in recent times the marketplace has been the target of a variety of accusations, the latest being that of foul playing with the use of “wash trading“. For the unaware, wash trading is essentially when an entity or firm trades with itself to artificially boost prices, giving the illusion of massive liquidity — thereby generating interest from investors and traders.

Of late, the leading NFT data aggregator CryptoSlam declared that they will be revoking $577 million because of market manipulation. They even claimed that 80% of NFT trading activity on is inorganic and carried out by 1% of the highest bidding traders. However, since Monday, the number has skyrocketed, and it is now well over a billion dollars. Moreover, CryptoSlam states that these efforts are done to protect NFT investors and ensure that the industry has clarity and trust in the data that is reported on the platform.

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Proponents of NFTs have condemned the unethical activity and even asserted that a marketplace supported by 80% wash trading may not sustain in the future.

Blur Coin Price Action

As reported earlier on CoinGape, creators of NFT collections are presently making more money from royalties on Blur than any other platform at the moment. Additionally, the marketplace is expected to draw more attention as they plan to launch Blur’s season 2 airdrop campaign in late April of this year.

The Blur coin has witnessed a massive surge in value over the past few months, however, these recent allegations have dented its upward trajectory to some extent. As things currently stand, the price of BLUR is currently trading at $0.86 which represents a decrease of 12.54% over the past seven days, in contrast to a drop of 82.72% over the last thirty days.

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