Blur (BLUR) Review – 9.1/10 – New NFT Marketplace Coin.

Blur (BLUR) Review – 9.1/10 – New NFT Marketplace Coin.

Blur (BLUR) Review

BLUR is a token operating on Blur, an NFT marketplace on Ethereum for expert and high-volume traders. BLUR token was launched through an airdrop using a season, putting Blur at an advantage in the NFT marketplace. Blur contracts are optimized, and users save up to 17% on gas fees when using BLUR. Users can open care packages for BLUR tokens, and eligible users must list an NFT to claim the care package.

BLUR/USD (8.6%)
$0.39 November 10, 2023, 8:36 pm [UTC]

NEW NFT Coin Blur No rating available for new coins
Released on February 14, 2023, 12:00 am NFT Coin

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This is a new coin/token that has recently been released by its creators. Therefore there is often only very little information known about the founders and they have no history showing their intentions, which could be both good or bad. The risks related to buying this is extremely high. We never give any recommendations or advise on what you should buy or sell. All information on this page should be considered for education and informational purposes only. Never risk any money that you can not afford to loose. Speculating in crypto currencies is related to extremely high risks and is not suitable for everyone.

Visitor Consensus on Blur Today

Positive: 53.13% Negative: 46.87%
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The token operates under zero transaction fees, and users can trade, sweep and sell NFTs using BLUR from different platforms. Users receive rewards for trading and completing tasks with the upcoming $BLUR airdrop. BLUR has proportionate distribution to all participants and awards them based on the trading volume of specific NFTs. There are multiple rounds of BLUR airdrops to accommodate users actively involved with the BLUR marketplace. The second airdrop will be bigger than the first, and users who actively use it get the most BLUR tokens and can control the protocol.

A Bit About Blur

It operates on a decentralized platform that lets users buy, sell, and trade NFTs of various types. Its zero-fee model makes it unique and allows users to transact for free. The model gives it a significant advantage over other marketplaces where high gas fees can deter user activity. Its reward system incentivizes user participation through care packages. Users can earn BLUR tokens by completing tasks and trading NFTs. They receive a proportionate distribution of BLUR tokens based on their trading volume of NFTs.

The innovative new NFT marketplace token.

Blur (BLUR) is a utility token powering the Blur NFT Marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFTs on the Ethereum Mainnet. BLUR incurs 0% fees for selling NFTs. Users need to connect their Web3 Wallets to claim BLUR tokens and transact. It has gas priority presets that help users outcompete buyers from other exchanges as their purchases are processed first. Users save up to 17% on gas fees with BLUR. The token also acts as its governance token, which helps its holders make decisions concerning Blur Marketplace and vote on proposals. Users can receive a BLUR airdrop if they have traded NFTs on Ethereum and Blur Marketplace in the last three months. It automatically qualifies them for a care package of BLUR tokens. Users can earn the tokens in the next airdrop by listing NFTs from active collections using listing tools like trait floor price, listing by floor price, and playing three or more sweeps on collections through Blur. Users who respect collection royalties instead of selling them to zero will receive more BLUR tokens. Its reward system makes users earn BLUR tokens by completing tasks, for instance, inviting friends to the marketplace or trading specific NFTs. Users can earn BLUR tokens based on their trading volume of specific NFTs, as the airdrop will distribute BLUR tokens proportionally to all participants. Loyalty impacts the rarity of the care packages users receive, and higher rarities yield more tokens.

Utility of Blur?

Anyone who has traded NFTs on Ethereum within the last three months qualifies to own BLUR tokens through BLUR airdrop. Care Package holders and creators can claim BLUR. Users can increase the amount of BLUR tokens by listing NFTs from active collections using the platform’s tools, such as placing three or more sweeps on collections through Blur and listing by floor price or trait floor price.

Users that respect collection royalties instead of setting them to zero receive more tokens. Users can also trade, sell, and buy NFTs using BLUR. The token will also serve governance purposes on Blur Marketplace to vote on proposals and make decisions.

Blur Price details

ETH Contract address: 0x5283d291dbcf85356a21ba090e6db59121208b44
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