Blur airdrop – NFT Airdrops & PLay to Earn Crypto on Defi

Blur airdrop – NFT Airdrops & PLay to Earn Crypto on Defi

Blur ($BLUR)

Blur NFT marketplace is officially LIVE and charges Zero marketplace fees. In short, Blur marketplace, aggregator, and advanced trading tools are available to everyone at zero cost!

To celebrate the launch, they’re airdropping Care Packages containing $BLUR tokens for everyone who’s stuck around in the bear market and traded NFTs in the last 6 months. Limited Time, you have 14 days to claim, counting from October 19, 2022!

About Blur

Blur is the NFT marketplace for pro traders, backed by @Paradigm, a real-time marketplace aggregator combined that allows sweep and list across NFT marketplaces, snipe reveals, and manage your portfolio faster than anywhere else. Blur is also the first marketplace to implement incentivized royalties.

To create Blur, they built a team with experience across MIT, Citadel, Brex, Square, YC, and raised over $14m from world-class investors.

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

Native blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide ”Blur Care Package Airdrop”

Blur is doing multiple rounds of Care Package Drops. The first Airdrop 1 can be claimed right now by everyone who traded NFTs in the last 6 months, based on trading volume!

  1. To get the Airdrop 2, all you have to do is List a single NFT on Blur by November 2, 2022. Check your Airdrop and secure it.
  2. And if that wasn’t enough, All traders on Blur will receive an Airdrop with the launch of the $BLUR token early next year.
  3. Also, they will give 100 Care Packages with $BLUR tokens inside to 10 followers who quote tweet this thread and share why they’re excited for Blur.
  4. Care Packages can be opened for $BLUR when the token launches in January 2023. This is just the first step towards making Blur a marketplace that the entire NFT community can own and profit from.

▪️ In November 2022, Blur will launch another Care Package Airdrop for all traders who list on Blur. This second Airdrop will be much bigger than the first. Read more about the Blur Airdrop 2. More Airdrops may be announced in the future. Good Luck!

* P.S. If you have Blur points from the waitlist or participated in the private beta, there will be a separate Airdrop for you once $BLUR launches in January 2023 🙂

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