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$Blur Airdrop

Blur’s Airdrop attracts the most attention in the market. The airdrop is in the form of blind boxes. How much $Blur you can get in the future depends on luck.

Blur, the leading NFT trading platform, announced its official launch. Blur is the NFT marketplace for pro traders. Blur is a real-time marketplace and aggregator combined. It lets you sweep and list across marketplaces, snipe reveals, and manage your portfolio faster than anywhere else. The team is combined with people with experience across MIT, Citadel, Brex, square, and YC. IT raised

over $14M from world-class investors and traders including Paradigm, Punk6529, CozomoMedici,dhof, Krybharat, zeneca_33, osf_nft, moonoverlord, icebergy, deezefi, and more.

It has been in private beta for 4 months. The team announced their aggregator already has the second-highest volume in the space and is 10x faster than other aggregators.

The Blur marketplace charges 0 marketplace fees and implements incentivized royalties. Traders can set their royalty to get Airdrops from Blur. The more royalty fees you set to pay, the more $blur you will get in the future.

Like the customer acquisition methods adopted by Looksrare and X2Y2 before, Blur also aimed at the previous senior NFT trading users, announcing that users with NFT transaction records on trading platforms such as Opensea in the past 6 months can get token airdrops ( Airdrop link: ).

The first step is airdropping Care Packages to everyone who’s continued trading NFTs these last 6 months. Care Packages can be opened for $BLUR when they launch our token and protocol governance in January. In November, they will launch another Care Package airdrop for all traders who list on Blur. This second airdrop will be much bigger than the first. In the meantime, you must list a single NFT on Blur in the next 14 days to get the first airdrop.

There are three levels of blind boxes: rare (Uncommon), Rare (Rare), and Legendary (Legendary), different levels can receive different $BLUR tokens, but the relationship between the rarity and the number of tokens has not yet been announced.

The number of blind boxes a user can receive depends on the transaction volume in the past six months. Some OG users posted on Twitter that their accounts have obtained more than 500 blind boxes in total. However, the most anticipated part of the blind box game is the luck of “opening the box”. According to the statistics of 2786 samples from Twitter users, the probability of opening Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary is about 85.3 respectively. %, 12.8%, 1.9%.

Some users get 100 blind boxes and only draw 1 “legendary”, with a probability of only 1%, bad luck; some users only open 3 boxes, and got 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare, and 1 Legendary. Me myself got 1 Legendary out of 6 boxes.

In order to prevent gaming the system we are not specifying an explicit formula for Airdrop 2, but here are some tips on how to maximize your airdrop.

• The more you list, the more you earn

• Listing blue chips help

• Listing more active collections helps

• Use all our listing tools — you can list by floor price, trait floor price, and ladder list

  • Don’t try to game the system (constantly relisting NFTs at unrealistic prices, Sybil attacking, or listing dead collections) — we will conduct extensive analysis to weed out traders with unnatural listing activity

• With that said, if you just list naturally on Blur, you’ll be fine.

• Don’t forget that you can also list on other marketplaces through Blur — you have nothing to lose and many Care Packages to gain by using Blur!

P.S. Try placing at least 3 sweeps on Blur before Airdrop 2 as well 🙂

Also, your loyalty stays high until the airdrop occurs then you will have much higher odds of getting super rare Care Packages which contain a lot more $BLUR tokens.

Loyalty is a snapshot of how many NFTs you’ve listed on Blur compared to other marketplaces. Loyalty doesn’t affect how many Care Packages you get in Airdrop 2, but it does affect your luck when you reveal them.

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