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Best Abine Blur Password Manager alternative

Many of us are searching for the best alternative to Abine Blur Password Manager. We believe that the SAASPASS Password Manager & Authenticator fits the bill as the best Abine Blur Password Manager alternative with many unique security and usability attributes.

The SAASPASS Password Manager & Authenticator is always protected by passwordless 2FA and not a static master password. It autofills passwords & 2FA authenticator codes seamlessly on the desktop and mobile. The passwords and authenticator codes can be accessed from the 2FA protected web portal and the browser extension.

The passwords and authenticator codes and autofilling (TOTP & HOTP) can be shared with teams if you sign up as a company.

The password manager even identifies which websites and apps support 2FA authenticator codes. You can find more on all the SAASPASS features below.

SAASPASS Password Manager & Authenticator

SAASPASS is a cross-platform password manager & authenticator that works with multiple devices and seamless sync.

It is built with Security & Usability in mind.

It is the only password manager that can be used with passwordless two-factor authentication as the default login.

It works on all the platforms including Windows, Apple and Linux. It is available on both the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. All the major browsers are supported including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

It is free for personal use with a limit of 500 login items.

Autofill Passwords & Authenticator Codes

SAASPASS can autofill & autologin into websites and apps. It can autofill both the username/passwords and the authenticator codes as well, and does it on both the desktop and mobile app.

You can even share authenticator codes (TOTP & HOTP) with multiple people and teams in the mobile app, web portal and browser extension when you are on the enterprise package.

Here is a video of the AutoFill on an iPhone of the username/password and the 2FA authenticator code:

The browser extension (and the web portal) is always protected by 2FA. The browser extension can be unlocked by multiple 2FA methods including scanning an encrypted barcode and push approval by the SAASPASS mobile and tablet app. The browser extension has the highest form of security, is both phishing-proof and mitigates against man-in-the middle attacks as there is no risk of static credentials like a master password. This eliminates the risk of replay attacks and the need to carry around physical tokens like FIDO.

Browser Extension is a Full-Blown Application

The browser extension is a full blown application and works on all platforms. There is no need for a desktop application. It can also work in sync with the web portal. It can autofill and autologin for you. You can even copy paste Authenticator codes and passwords from the browser extension. It comes with a search bar which comes in handy when you have over 30 items.

The browser extension has SSL detection and only works with sites protected with https when it comes to autofilling prompts. The browser extension mitigates against phishing attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks. The plugin only works with user initiated autofill and autologin.

Security Scan

The SAASPASS password manager comes with a unique Security Scan that can identify websites and apps that support 2FA methods like the authenticator TOTP & HOTP formats. In addition, it informs you of duplicate and weak passwords. This is critical because you should have a different and complex password for every website and app.

Secure Notes

SAASPASS comes with Secure Notes. You can use it either offline or have it synced across multiple devices. There is a separate search bar for the Secure Notes and is only accessible after passing the mobile App Protection.

iPad Multitasking Support, Split Screen & Landscape View

The SAASPASS iPad app supports landscape mode, split screen and multitasking. This is especially useful when you need to use multiple applications at the same time.

Authenticator Support

The SAASPASS Authenticator support is unique. You can tightly integrate it optionally with the password manager and have it autofilled in both the computer with the browser extension and on the mobile phone for a seamless single sign-on experience.

The SAASPASS Authenticator supports 6, 7 and 8 digit TOTP and HOTP codes. There are over 1000s of logos for your setup apps. There is a universal search bar on the mobile app, browser extension and the web portal.

You can access the Authenticator codes from the SAASPASS mobile app, browser extension and the web portal.

You can share it with third parties and teams (in the enterprise package). You can have work colleagues access it in multiple ways including with physical tokens like FIDO keys.

There are logos for 1000s of websites, apps and services.

Password Management Usability

The mobile app comes with over 100 thousand preconfigured websites and apps to ensure ease of use when you add from the mobile app. You can also add custom apps and websites.

The browser extension prompts you on whether you want to add passwords and websites.

You can also import login items from the web portal during the set up and even import CSV files and other browser formats as well.

Web Portal

You can access all your passwords and authenticator codes from the web portal. The SAASPASS web portal is protected by passwordless 2FA like scanning encrypted barcodes. There are quick copy buttons for the desktop clipboard as well.

Multiple Device Support

You can have SAASPASS on multiple devices. You can add SAASPASS onto a new device by going to the Settings and choosing the Clone SAASPASS ID.

It even comes with Device Management where you can remotely remove it. You can have SAASPASS on up to 5 devices.

Secure Backup & Recovery Options

SAASPASS works offline by default. It also gives you the option to set it up with recovery options. There are a number of ways you can set up recovery with SAASPASS.

You can clone it onto multiple devices with a secure cloning code. The cloning code is not attached to any personal identifiable information like a mobile number or email. (recommended)

You can add a mobile number as a recovery number. (not recommended)

You can add a mobile number as a recovery number with a delayed recovery code sent. (better than just mobile number)

In addition, you can create custom question and answers that could be long passwords and passphrases. (recommended)

You can permanently turn off recovery. There is no turning back here. This is only recommended if you have already set it up on multiple devices.

Mobile App Protection

You can configure all the mobile and tablet app protection settings including using scrambled keypads, visible/invisible patterns (Android only), and biometric protections like FaceID, TouchID, fingerprint and facial authentication.

with biometric unlock

Generate Secure Passwords

You can generate complex passwords in the mobile app, tablet, browser extension and from the website password generator.

Additional Features include:

Customizable Main Menu (remove whole sections)

Customizable sub-menus including ordering of login items

Over 30 languages supported on the mobile and tablet app

Jailbreak & Root Detection

Authenticator available on Apple Watch

Companies and teams can also use SAASPASS for the Enterprise Password Manager & Sharing Center for passwords and authenticator codes.

See extra images below:

TOTP is short for Time-based One-Time Password.

It is a computer algorithm that generates a one-time password (OTP) which uses the current time as a source of uniqueness. It is an extension of the HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm (HOTP), and has been adopted as Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard RFC 6238.

HOTP is short for HMAC-based One-Time Password.

HOTP is a one-time password (OTP) algorithm based on hash-based message authentication codes (HMAC). It is a cornerstone of the Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH). HOTP has been adopted as IETF RFC 4226.

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