10 Best Blur Video Apps to Blur Any Part of Your Video Fast

10 Best Blur Video Apps to Blur Any Part of Your Video Fast

Top 10 Blur Video Apps to Hide Unwanted Objects in Your Video

Blur video apps have revolutionized content creation with versatile blur effects, whether it’s hiding objects or improving the aesthetics of your videos. Give your videos a fresh look now.

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CapCut 01/23/2024

As a content creator, you probably know how important it is to hide or remove certain objects from your video background or foreground. This is where a blur video app becomes a lifesaver. This article will delve into the world of powerful video blur apps and teach you how to blur videos in seconds seamlessly.

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Why should you blur videos with a blur video editing app

The blur effect distorts the pixels of a video, reducing the detail levels and adding a sense of mystery. Do you need to put something in focus, hide a face or a portion inside your video, or create butter-smooth transitions? Well, with a cool video blur app, you can give part or all of the video a dreamy makeover, especially when creating stunning intros for your YouTube videos. Multiple tools enable you to blur videos in seconds. Check them below!

Best web-based blur apps for videos

1. CapCut online video editor

CapCut online video editor is a powerful platform used by millions of people to edit videos for TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It comes with comprehensive blurring effects that make your videos aesthetically appealing, including simple blur, halo blur, chrome blur, motion blur, oblique blur, and many more.

Using CapCut, you can blur the entire video or only a part of it. Besides, you can blur the background of your video to make the foreground objects and texts more prominent.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to apply blur effects in any video using the CapCut online video editor:

  1. Upload
  2. Upload your video directly from local storage or simply drag and drop it into the CapCut interface. Alternatively, you can import videos from Google Drive, Dropbox, or CapCut cloud space or scan the QR code from your phone’s camera.

Upload your video

head to the

adjust the blur slider


Tap the “Export” icon on the top right corner, download the blurred video directly to your local storage, or share it to your social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok. You can also share your video for review or share it as a presentation with your team.

download the blurred video

For large projects, use the “Fast exporting” option from the “Quality” drop-down to compress videos before exporting. Finally, press “Export”.



VEED.IO is an online video editor with powerful editing features, including a high-precision blur slider. You can also use its blur transition effects to infuse butter-smooth transitions within your videos. VEEEDI.IO also comes with advanced editing tools such as smart subtitles, background remover, and green screen to take your video editing to advanced levels without a major learning curve.


Key features

  • Blur entire videos for free.
  • Change the blur intensity using the precision slider.
  • Add close blur transitions to create gorgeous cinematics.

3. Pixiko

Pixiko is a free online video editing platform with basic to advanced features. It allows you to create eye-catching cinematics with its blur effect. If you want to create smooth blur transitions or hide certain details in your videos, Pixiko is your go-to tool.


Key features

  • Integrated blur filter with dedicated slider.
  • Basic editing tools include split, loop, trim, and more.
  • It allows you to create videos in multiple aspect ratios, and you can also define a custom aspect ratio.

4. Kapwing

If you wish to seamlessly add blur to your videos, Kapwing provides a quick solution with its powerful blur feature. Whether you need to blur the entire video or in particular places, Kapwing’s blur slider allows you to control the intensity and duration of your blur.


Key features

  • Integrated blur filter with precise adjustment slider for intensity control.
  • Blur the entire video or use the privacy blur option to hide particular parts in your videos.
  • Multiple blur options, including soft focus, add a sense of subtlety to your blur.

Best blur app for videos for Windows/macOS

Are you a power user with heavier editing pursuits? Then, you may need a desktop app for your Windows/MacOS device, as it doesn’t require an internet connection either. Whether it’s blurring out logos or faces or for aesthetic purposes, these desktop video editors below make it seamless and easy.

5. CapCut desktop editor

CapCut desktop video editor is a highly stable and powerful tool you can use to add various blur effects to your videos. Whether it’s for a YouTube video or you want to blur the faces in your documentary, the CapCut desktop video editor is all you need. Besides that, it has advanced video editing features such as split scenes, transcript-based editing, chroma key, and many others.

Here’s how to use CapCut desktop editor to blur your videos:

  1. Upload
  2. Upload your videos into CapCut from your local storage. You can also select a video template from CapCut’s vast media libraries.

Upload your videos

Select a blur filter of your choice


Lastly, export your video by clicking the “Export” icon on the top right corner. You can customize the frame rate, resolution, format, and bitrate for your video. You can directly download it to your local device.

export your video

Moreover, you can also share your video directly on TikTok and YouTube.

 share your video

Key features

  • Advanced audio editing features: beat sync, noise reduction, and other features such as volume and speed control.
  • Vast media libraries: soundtracks, videos, filters, stickers, transitions, emojis, etc to diversify your video content.
  • Basic and advanced video editing features: such as trimming, cutting, cropping, speed curves, masking , and split scenes.

6. iMovie

iMovie is a native Apple video editor that allows you to produce stunning cinematics with its versatile blur options. Whether it’s the entire video or just the face of an interviewee that you want to blur out, iMovie can do it all. It’s available for free on all Apple devices.


Key features

  • Adjust the amount of blur with its intensity slider.
  • Intuitive design allows you to blur your videos with basic editing skills.
  • The masking option allows you to blur multiple sections of a video.

7. AVCLabs Video Blur AI

AVCLabs Vido Blur AI is one of the few AI-powered blur desktop software with tons of blur effects. Its highly intelligent AI engine detects faces, car plates, and foreground and background to help you apply smart blur effectively.

AVCLabs Video Blur AI

Key features

  • AI-powered smart blur features.
  • Auto detects faces, car plates, and other features in a video.
  • Its custom blur feature allows you to blur particular parts in the video as needed.

Best blur app for videos for iOS/Android

Following are some of the top phone applications for Android and iOS that allow you to add blur effects to your videos on the go instantly.

8. CapCut mobile editor

CapCut mobile editor is an all-in-one video editing app with extensive features that allow you to create stunning visuals. From captivating blur effects to advanced editing options such as transcript-based editing and chroma key, the CapCut mobile editor makes mobile video editing a treat.

  1. Upload
  2. Upload your video into the CapCut mobile editor by pressing the “New project” icon. Choose a video from your phone storage or use one of CapCut’s stock videos.

Upload your video

tap on

Choose the blur effect

Press the export icon from the top right to download the video to your phone storage. Besides, you can directly share your video on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.


9. Videoleap

Videoleap is a premier AI-based video editor that allows you to perform basic to advanced editing actions, including versatile blur and defocus effects. Whether you want to blur backgrounds or apply blur to a certain area, Videoleap is fully equipped to convert your average videos into captivating visuals.

Key features

Key features

  • Smart AI-based blur allows you to blur the background intelligently.
  • High-precision blur intensity slider ensures that you apply the perfect amount of blur on your videos.
  • AI-based video enhancement features such as reshaping, retouching, and smart backgrounds.

10. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a professional phone video editor with powerful editing and AI features to blur your videos effortlessly. Whether it’s blurring license plates, faces, or any other parts in the video, you can do it all with PowerDirector.


Key features

  • The dedicated motion blur feature allows you to make moving objects immersive.
  • Edge blur allows you to blur the edges of objects, producing eye-catching visuals.
  • A precise intensity slider allows you to control the depth of each blur effect.


The blur effect improves your ability to narrate stories in the videos while keeping the visuals immersive and elegant. Whether you need it for aesthetics, privacy, or simply to make something prominent, the blur effect never fails to impress. There are plenty of powerful tools across all platforms that allow you to instantly add blur to your videos.

An all-in-one editing solution, CapCut allows you to choose from hundreds of blur effects, each tailored for specific ideas such as nature, entertainment, news, or educational videos. Try CapCut online video editor today to benefit from its rich editing features, such as high-precision speed curves, versatile filters and effects, keyframes, and much more.


  1. What is the best app to blur video?
  2. CapCut offers the best app for blurring your videos on the web, desktop, and phone. Whether you want to blur the entire video, a face, or just the background, CapCut can do it all, with tons of blur effects such as halo blur, motion blur, pixel blur, and many others. Additionally, you can make use of CapCut’s rich editing features and abundant media assets to further polish your video.
  3. Can I blur the video background with a blur app video editor?
  4. Yes! Using the CapCut video editor, you can blur the background of your videos for free. Simply upload your video to the CapCut online video editor, choose “Background” from the right toolbar, and select the type of blur that suits you best. Besides that, you can apply various blur effects to your video from the “Effects” tab on the left toolbar. You can also use CapCut’s smart AI tools to remove the background of your videos.
  5. How to blur a certain area of the video with a background blur video app?
  6. Using CapCut, you can easily blur a certain area of your video. Upload your video to the CapCut online video editor, from the “Effects” tab, choose one of the desired blur effects. Now from the editing timeline, adjust the blur effect slider extents according to the area of your video that you want to blur.

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